Mortgage Programs

Our Numerous Mortgage Solutions Include:

100% Financing
We offer several no down payment programs such as the Rural Housing Service Loan that increases the number of loans in rural communities. We also have a 100% program for borrowers that have good credit and employment histories, but have no money down for their down payment. In some cases, the closing costs can be included in the loan amount and there is no mortgage insurance.

Credit Problem Programs
Our skilled loan officers believe that everyone is entitled to a second chance. There are many programs that may be available to you, even if you do not meet traditional approval guidelines. While the interest rates on these loans are generally a little higher, our non-conforming mortgages provide you with an opportunity to rebuild your credit, help you to consolidate outstanding debts, make home improvements or provide you with additional cash for whatever you may need.

Special Refinancing
We offer Special Refinancing for our clients that have special circumstances that prevent them from getting financed conventionally. Self Employed, Low Equity, New Job, Slow Credit, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, just to name a few. One of our “Special Refinancing” programs may be the answer you are looking for.

New Construction
We have the ideal mortgage program for new construction, our “Extended Lock” mortgage. It´s available for conventional fixed-rate loans. We´ll lock in your interest rate for a maximum of 180 days while your new home is being constructed. When your home is completed, and it´s time to close the mortgage, you´ll get the original interest rate you locked in, even if interest rates have gone up since then. Lock in peace of mind with our New Construction Extended Lock Program.

First Time Home Buyers
We understand the excitement and pressure that can be a part of your first home purchase. That is why we have trained professionals to help you get the information and the financing you need. There are several benefits to this being your first home purchase. Give us a call and we will give you a free consultation on purchasing and financing your first home purchase.

Pre-approval Programs
We have special Pre-approval Programs that allow you to assess how much house you can afford, as well as get you the information and conditional approval you will need to purchase a house. Even before you have a property picked out! Our process is quick, accurate, and free. pre-approval means that you have successfully qualified for the loan for which you applied prior to having a property picked out. Having an approved loan application means you can begin the closing process on the house. You will receive a formal letter of approval, commonly called a commitment letter, that guarantees in writing that they will lend you a specific loan amount conditionally based on an agreed Loan to Value and Property Appraisal. It also details the conditions of the loan.

Creative Financing Programs
We have a variety of loan programs that optimize the “Cash-Flow” you need to help you manage your finances. Call today for details.